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PAL students show ‘My Normal’ in PhotoVoice project

May 30, 2017

Students participating in the PAL Coalition last week hosted an evening of advocacy and empowerment with, “My Normal: Do You See What I See,” at Lynnhurst United Church of Christ in south central Louisville. PAL works with communities, nonprofits and federal, state and local governments to reduce substance abuse by young people living in the 7th Street corridor – Park Hill, Algonquin and Old Louisville – of Central Louisville.

Attendees heard from students, who used photos they took in their own neighborhoods to illustrate issues they confront daily. The PhotoVoice project was in partnership with Darryl Turpin, a co-principal of The Pinwheel Group, which works with young black males involved in the criminal justice system.

Among the PhotoVoice were displays of trash a student encounters and must avoid daily near their home, a display comparing the price of beer vs. the price of water at a local convenient store – the water was more expensive – and the lack or bad condition of sidewalks. The goal was to inform people of situations and conditions and inspire them to act to seek improvements.