Report Abuse
To report abuse, please call 1.800.752.6200 (KY) or 1.800.800.5556 (IN).


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if I suspect child abuse or neglect?

  • If you suspect a child may be abused or in danger, notify the police or Child Protective Services immediately. Kentucky’s Child Abuse Hotline is 1-800-752-6200. In Indiana, that number is 1-800-800-5556. All callers have the right to anonymity.

  • Who do you help?

  • Family & Children’s Place has programs for children and families in various stages. From early childhood programs to school-based services to trauma recovery, Family & Children’s Place works to prevent child abuse, intervene when trauma occurs and to aid in healing and recovery. Please read more about our programs and services here.

  • Can I sign up for services?

  • Since we have many different services, eligibility varies. Please contact us about the program(s) you’re interested in so we can work with you on the best plan for your family.

  • How can I help?

  • Thanks for asking! There are many ways to support the programs and services of Family & Children’s Place including making a donation or volunteering. Find more information here.

Child Advocacy Center FAQs

  • How long does an appointment take?

  • How long does an appointment take?
    The average length of a Forensic Interview per child is an hour. If there are multiple children, the time spent here will be longer.

    The average length of a Medical Exam is 2-3 hours.

  • Who will be at my appointment?

  • For a Forensic Interview, the child will meet with the interviewer and the collaborative partners (your investigative workers- law enforcement or CPS will observe the interview from a different room). The family advocate will meet with the non-offending caregiver while the child is meeting with the interviewer.

    For medical exams, our CAC doctor and a medical assistant will be present.

    For mental health screens, a CAC therapist will be present.

  • How much do services cost?

  • All services are provided at no charge.

  • Where do we park?

  • There is a surface parking lot at both the Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN offices with free parking available.

  • Who can be with us at our appointment?

  • A non-offending caregiver will bring the child to the appointment. If the child has someone who is part of their support system, they are also welcome.