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To report abuse, please call 1.800.752.6200 (KY) or 1.800.800.5556 (IN).


Family & Children’s Place acts, serves with compassion

June 9, 2015

As a child- and family-focused agency, Family & Children’s Place integrates compassion into everything we do. From intake to outcomes, we embed compassion into every program and service with the intention to provide every child and family full-life recovery and healing from the traumas of abuse.

But we embed compassion into our business model as well. As a partner in Compassion Louisville, compassion is a part of our DNA.

Our goal is to ensure no one is left behind or wants, whether it involves the children and families we work with, our staff, our contractors, partners or peers, says Pam Darnall, president and CEO of Family & Children’s Place. “We’re proud to be one of the agencies and entities in Louisville – including the city itself – committed to conducting all our efforts and business in caring and compassionate ways.”

Using Compassion Louisville’s framework, our “constellations” of compassion include health care and schools, since our work is with children and families hurt by abuse, as well as students having difficulties in school and society related to violence in the home.

So we use research-based and trauma informed treatments and methods to ensure we use best in class practices and procedures with every child and family. Our goal is to repower and empower these children, along with their families, to confront and then heal and repair the wounds, focusing on the well-being of the whole person – child and family member.

We adhere to other best practices as well, including transparency, in our treatments and our business, especially as a funded agency that depends on others’ support and trust. We strive for inclusion, working to ensure we reflect the communities we serve. We pay it forward and promote understanding of the issues of child abuse and the complex causalities.

As Mayor Greg Fischer said when he signed the city onto the Compassionate Charter, it’s “the right thing and the necessary thing to do to ensure that we take care of all of our citizens.”

It’s the right thing for Family & Children’s Place, and it’s what we owe to the children and families who come to us for help.