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We care about how our children, families feel

June 10, 2015

DSC_0020In a recent post, we shared how important data is to our work – to ensure we deliver best-in-class trauma-informed services and to ensure children and families we work with are making progress against their goals. One of the more simple tools we sue to collect some of that data is a comment card or form – inviting our clients to share their personal impressions of their experience with Family & Children’s Place.

Following is a smattering of recent comments:

From our Family & School Services program

  • I wouldn’t know where to begin. It changed my child’s life. Period.
  • Totally excellent program. It’s great!
  • I’ve been here since the program started! I love it! Keep up the good work!
  • I always felt welcomed here. Thank you.
  • Great program and staff.
  • This was a gift from God.
  • It really helped our family a lot and we became much closer because of it.
  • Love it!
  • My daughter has grown up socially and matured since she started in the program, and her schoolwork has improved.
  • Amazing staff and program. All of my kids have gone through and loved it.
  • They are very good with the kids and our family night programs are wonderful! All staff members need to be recognized for everything they do. They are great.
  • Awesome program
  • Should be at every school!

We’re especially pleased with this response and the chance to help the family:

  • I absolutely love this program and all of the staff. They have made a difference in my son’s education at this school. My son is in special education and is having trouble this year. It has been wonderful having a liaison between me and the teachers/school. I absolutely love family night it is very nice having time to get together with other families and staff and having time to have group at the end for just the adults and having conversation. I feel that this program is well worth the effort/time/and money. Thank you very much to all the staff! You guys are great!

From our Family Stabilization Program:

  • I strongly recommend this service for anyone who is in need of services.
  • I am so thankful for this program. It has given me hope for tomorrow!
  • My case manager is awesome. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. She talks to me when I’m stressed and listens to my cries for help. She’s always been there for me and when I have an appointment with the school about my son, she is there when I need her.
  • I have a very thorough case manager. He is emphatic and patient. He follows through on matters and I believe he cares for his clients’ welfare.
  • I love working with my case manager. She is helpful and thoughtful.

From our HANDS program:

  • I really enjoy this program. It’s taught me so much about being an awesome mommy! I absolutely adore my home visitor.
    I learned so much about taking care of my child. I’ve always taken good care of my child, but this has taught me so many others things as well.
  • The program has helped us be better parents and work better together as a team.
  • Our caseworker is a wonderful asset in our lives. She’s awesome, caring and always helpful and supportive. She is reliable and sweet.