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Victoria’s Story

May 17, 2023

Like so many in our community, Victoria has been touched by gun violence.

Victoria began her healing journey with Family & Children’s Place counseling service at the age of five. She lost a cousin to domestic violence, and a year later, Victoria lost her father to gun violence.

Victoria came back to Family & Children’s Place at age 13 to process the loss of her father and how it was preventing her from living the type of life she wanted and deserved.

Now as a young adult, Victoria has returned to Family & Children’s Place a third time, because she is “numb and shut down” due to some of the past trauma in her life and the impact it is having on her relationships.

Victoria is now pregnant with her first child and ready to make changes to her life that will benefit not just her life, but her baby’s. She is committed to lessening the impact past traumas have had on her life.

She is moving from a place of abandonment to one of security, from a place of denial to insight, and from a place of fear to one of happiness and joy.

Victoria, and many like her in our community, rely on Family & Children’s Place for the help they need to navigate the struggles that gun violence has placed on their lives.

The impact gun violence has on our community is real and damaging for all those involved. Providing therapy and safe places to process is essential for those who have experienced this trauma to move from a place of fear, grief, and anxiety to a place of peace, comfort, and happiness.

That is exactly what our therapists are prepared and equipped to do.

Without you, children who have witnessed gun violence will never know the physical and mental relief of overcoming this trauma. Please consider making a donation to help make an impact in the lives of children like Victoria.

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