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This one falls into the ‘hard to fathom’ file

July 21, 2015

A Kentucky state social worker who investigates child abuse, works to keep families together and oversees cases of families with reports of child abuse or neglect is charged with child abuse. The charge stems from an incident where she allegedly drove her kids to a friend’s home and instructed her to strike the children, aged 10 and 12, with a belt 10 times. The 12-year-old has cerebral palsy.

The children suffered multiple bruises from their hips to their knees, injuries noticed and reported by a teacher at the children’s day camp. The other woman, who wielded the belt, also was arrested, and the mother remains on the job, though she is not handling active cases, a Cabinet for Health and Family Services spokeswoman said.

The courts ultimately will decide the case, but there are questions in need of answers by the Cabinet about its vetting process.