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Therapist ‘blown away’ by client’s self-realization, strength

July 26, 2016

Recently, Liz Goldy, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the agency’s New Albany, Ind., office was meeting with one of her clients who has worked hard on her trauma narrative – the process of talking about a traumatic experience that helps the abuse victim organize memories and feelings and is a significant step in the trauma recovery process.

“She has experienced some of the most horrific trauma I’ve heard,” said Goldy. “Today, after she worked some more on her trauma narrative, she said she won’t forget the sexual abuse she experienced, but that the sexual abuse doesn’t upset her anymore and that now she’s OK talking about it.

“I was kind of blown away by her realizing and saying this, because as therapists, this is exactly what we want for our clients.  We want them to process the trauma, not forget about it (because they can never really forget it, they can only try to repress it and it will come out in maladaptive ways), and be able to integrate their trauma in a healthy way so that it no longer causes them distress.

“I am so proud of my client for working so hard to heal.  After lots and lots of little wins and several setbacks, this is a huge win for her!”