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Thanks, Carter Mann, Regular Laura, Todd Reardon, for helping end child abuse

May 10, 2016

We say it again and again and again, but it’s so true: We could not do what we do without the help and support of friends, partners and supporters. We are blown away every day by people, companies, agencies, foundations and others who reach out to us to say, “we want to help.” And we are humbled by every call, every gift, every kind word.

So, a huge thank you to WSFR, 107.7 The Eagle, radio hosts Carter Mann and Regular Laura for making Family & Children’s Place a part of their Iron Man campaign. And to Todd Reardon, who is helping drive the campaign, which includes a generous pledge to help us help children and families hurt by abuse.

Here’s the WSFR information:


wsfr107.7 The Eagle morning show “The Carter Mann Program” announced Monday that a 2011 lottery winner has contacted them and wants to assist in their quest to secure an Iron Man costume and help a local non-profit.

The Carter Mann Program hosts Carter Mann and Regular Laura started encouraging fans of the show to donate to a GoFundMe page last month as a way to help them secure an impressive Iron Man costume to be used by host Carter Mann for hospital visits and local non-profit events. In addition, the duo promised to donate a portion of the money raised directly to Family and Children’s Place.

Last week, 2011 Powerball winner and fan of the show Todd Reardon called to say he would like to make a large donation to secure the suit and make sure that Family and Children’s place got a sizable contribution.

“It’s all about helping the kids,” Reardon told The Carter Mann Program.

“We are thrilled that our silly idea took on a life of its own and will now be helping further the work of Family and Children’s Place,” Mann says.

The suit that started it all is now being ordered and put into production and the duo plan to make a special ceremonial presentation of the donation to Family and Children’s Place – along with Reardon – once the suit has been delivered and put together.

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