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Student persuaded to try new tastes

June 26, 2018

Ashley Friedrich, from our Family & School Services team, shares that she has a summer CLASP student from the Meyzeek Middle School program who is a very picky eater. “He can’t get past the barriers to trying new foods,” she says. But during a parent/student orientation, she and Bobby Cortes encouraged him to try a bite of something new each day.

So far, he’s tried so many new foods, including, grilled cheese, spaghetti, breakfast casserole, quesadillas, pizza and sandwiches, and in this photo, French toast and sausages.

“He’s really enjoyed about 75 percent of the foods he tried,” said Ashley, “and it’s been so amazing to see this student grow!”

His mom, she adds, is blown away when we tell her what he has tried, and I’m thankful he’s been faithful in wanting to grow in this area.