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Son’s idea creates a very special story of giving

February 10, 2016


The just-passed season of giving inspires different people different ways. Following is a story about a family inspired to help Family & Children’s Place.

It was around the holidays and my husband and I were going over our calendar for the upcoming weeks and events.  My son got upset because many of the events were adult parties and he said he would like to have a party.  He decided he wanted to have a Favorite Things party, where each friend would bring their favorite toy. 

I allowed him to create the guest list and him alone.  He had about 18 friends there, all around the age of four.  Each child brought a new, favorite toy of theirs to the party, which was held at Hurstbourne Country Club where we belong. 

After hot chocolate and decorating Christmas cookies, while the mothers munched on appetizers and beverages, the children got in a big circle.  I went through each toy, one by one, and when I held the toy, the child would stand, talk about why this was his or her favorite toy and then put it back in the pile. 

We then talked about the gift of giving this holiday season and how important it is to give to others.  I informed the children that these gifts were going to be given to other children who would find joy and excitement in these toys just as they do. 

They were really excited about the thought of making other children smile. We only had one breakdown of the child not wanting to part with their gift, but he was a two-year-old.

I thought right away, now Family and Children’s Place could benefit from these gifts, so my sons, Colton (four years old) and Luke (two years old) and I drove downtown and dropped them off.

I think it was good for them to see where these gifts were going and they parted easily with the gifts knowing they were going to such a great organization. 

We discussed the organization on our way downtown and the experience as a whole was very enlightening.  I plan to do this annually; it was well perceived by the children, their parents and Family & Children’s Place.  

What an amazing story and we thank the family for letting us share it.