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Saying thanks with art

September 28, 2015

IMG_2859PAL Coalition students recently helped staff create art tokens of appreciation that will be given to significant contributors during a St. James Art Fair Brunch at the agency on Saturday, Oct. 3.

The work is a tiny print of handwork art that hangs in the Clark County office, created by children involved in school-based counseling at Green Valley Elementary. Says the staffer who helped the students create the artwork, “The canvas is infused with the laughter and sweet energy of the children, so I call the work, True Colors,’ because as service providers, we often are the only people in our clients’ lives who not only look for their strengths, but help them to see their own strengths.

“We also often see our clients in very vulnerable and honest states, so we are privileged to see their true colors.”

The miniature artwork gift will give supporters a little piece of the hope and healing children get through the agency’s programs every day. It was also a way for PAL students to say thank you, as they knew their work would be going to people who help make it possible for them to go on field trips and have snacks after school.

“They were genuinely made with appreciation for everything they get from the program – staff who cares about them, a place to go after school instead of home alone, etc.,” said Heather Bruner, director of individual giving, one of the staff members who helped students with the project.