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Retreat blends friendship, fellowship and fun

November 7, 2016


Family & Children’s Place staff took a half day Wednesday, Nov. 2, to celebrate friendship, fellowship and a little fun. The retreat, which began at the St. Matthews Community Center and ended at Ten Pins Bowling Lanes, was a chance for everyone to come together in one place at one time to celebrate another amazing year of helping children and families.

fcp-staff-retreat-2016-055The event – organized by Wellness Committee members Katie Sutton, Jenifer Seas, Heather Bruner, Mary Forsee, Therese Baker, Tomy Molloy, Donna Russell, and aided by Barb McTeague, Leah Walker and others, included an ice breaker led by Jo Cruz. Decorations were created by students from the Family & School Services (FSS) program.

Flu shots also were available during the retreat, and vendors included Epic Insurance Solutions, Kroger Pharmacy, Costco, Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets, Humana and others.

A little friendly competition closed the day with staff retiring to Ten Pin Bowling Lanes for some spares and strikes, and even a few gutterballs.

Thanks, everyone, for coming out, participating and lending your voice.

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