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Rep. Yarmuth lives his commitment by giving

June 29, 2016

Family & Children’s Place is fortunate to be among 17 local community-serving organizations that U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth contributes his annual federal salary, to, so we want to be sure to say to Rep. Yarmuth, thank you – for your gift and for your caring commitment to the youngest citizens of the community you represent.

Every gift, every grant supports lifesaving and changing work to help children and families hurt by violence. But it provides even more help than that. By supporting the proven services of Family & Children’s Place, rep. Yarmuth and others make a powerful pronouncement – that they want and are willing to help create a better community, and that begins with happy, healthy children.

Studies show that absent help, abused children face a lifetime of issues and problems. Some grow up to become abusers themselves, others face myriad health issues, and others are more prone to violence and crime than their non-abused peers.

These are all calamitous and come at great cost to communities, so Rep. Yarmuth’s gift offers a means to intervene when abuse is happening, to give hope and healing after abuse has happened and to help prevent abuse before it happens – the true mission and goal of Family & Children’s Place.

Rep. Yarmuth’s gift also comes, as he notes, at a time when resources are sometimes hard to come by. Needs are great and in some cases, growing, so it’s critical to be able to secure funds to supplement and in some cases supplant tight federal, state and local government grants.

So, for Family & Children’s Place, and for everyone who will be helped through Rep. Yarmuth’s generous gift, we want to say, thank you.