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PAL Coalition students appreciate support

January 25, 2017

In September, the PAL Coalition opened a community center at Lynnhurst United Church of Christ. Monday through Friday afternoons, young people come to the center for help with homework, to learn about advocacy, play basketball and games, and hang out in a safe space. Supporters of the coalition and Family & Children’s Place have responded generously to help and support the students, many of them from refugee families.

Following are some comments from students to the people who are helping:

“Thank you so much for what you do for PAL.”

“Thank you for helping.”

“Thank you so much for donating coats and shoes to PAL.

“You’re awesome! Thank you!”

“I thank you for the gloves because it might snow. I thank you for help with our homework. I thank you for remembering me. I thank you for your help and for being a friend. PAL is enjoyable because we make new friends. I am from Rwanda.”

“Hey, PAL donor. I really appreciate you being so kind to me and to PAL youth. Now there’s no more concern about being cold because I got a hoodie and gloves to keep me warm, even shoes for my youngest sister. We are so thankful for your help for PAL youth. Thank you again. I am from Rwanda.”

“I am thankful for PAL because I have someplace to go after school. I cannot stay home alone. I am thankful for the gloves because it is cold outside and it might snow. I am thankful because I got lots of stuff to do. We play different games and they remind me to do my homework and repeat what studies I need to prepare for a test. I got a new jacket, and am thankful because I enjoy being here and having new friends. I am from Rwanda.”

“Thanks for all the Christmas presents. It was really a big help for my family. The clothes were very warm and nice. Thanks for the warm coat.” 

“Thank you for the lovely Christmas presents that you gave me and my family. It was a really big help. My brothers and sisters were so happy. I was very happy to see them smile. My mom and dad were very happy. Thanks for the warm pretty coat.”

 “Thanks for the jacket to keep me warm in the snow. I have it now to cover my body. PAL helps me to know friends. We play games. I am from Rwanda.”

 “I am very grateful for all the donations you have given PAL. Our after school program is so thankful for all you do.”

 “Thank you for all the gifts. It made my day and helped out my Momma a lot.”

 “Thank you for giving me gloves and a jacket because it almost snowed. PAL helps me to enjoy other people, play games and get to know others. I am very happy for your helping. Thank you so much. I am from Rwanda.”

 “Thank you so much for all of the cool donations to PAL.”