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Mom gave up much to keep kids safe, don’t let her give up Christmas, too

November 15, 2016

Bonnie is a mother of seven children, aged four to 14. She just escaped a 12-year abusive relationship and is staying with her mother until she can find and afford a new home for her and the children. “I just got the strength to get away and had to leave my home and most of my belongings,” she says.

For Carolyn, 12, Bonnie, 13, James, 5, Polly, 4, Carter, 14, Leonard, 10, and David, 9, that means a safe home, but one that probably won’t have much of a Christmas. Join our Brighter Holiday program and you can change that, you can grant every child’s wish – a Merry Christmas.

brighterholidaysborderCarolyn loves anything yellow, loves making jewelry and painting her nails. She needs jeans, undergarments, socks and a coat for winter. Bonnie loves hot pink, to style her and others’ hair and arts and crafts. She needs jeans, socks, shirts and a purse to carry her treasures.

James loves Paw Patrol, Iron Man, and favors the colors red and yellow (a true Iron Man fan!). He needs a coat, pants, jeans, shirts and sock s and hopes for a bicycle. Polly loves the color Pink and is a big fan of Disney’s “Frozen.” She also loves Snow White and Cinderella. She needs a coat, shirts, pants, jeans and would like a doll baby, some learning toys and books.

Carter loves to play basketball and football, but needs jeans, shirts, socks, undergarments and a jacket. Leonard likes to play basketball, with toy cars and trucks, loves to watch his favorite show, SpongeBob SquarePants, and blue is his favorite color. He needs pants, jeans and a coat for winter.

David loves the color red, likes toy cars and trucks and wants a bike. He needs a coat, pants and socks.

This is a mom who gave up everything to keep her children safe, a mother dealing with more than most of us can imagine. Be the bright light in her family’s Christmas. Email or call volunteer coordinator Shannon McRae at, or 502-235-1511, for information or to sponsor a child.