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Mom appreciates HANDS support

March 9, 2018

One Family & Children’s Place HANDS staffer has been working with a family for about a year, with a baby that suffered significant developmental setbacks due to premature birth, seizures, fluid on the brain, and recently underwent brain surgery where a shunt was implanted.

She referred the family to First Steps, which the family has used weekly. Additionally, the Parent Visitor and therapist have collaborated to come up with different ideas to help Mom get the best support possible. Through the Growing Your Support Network module, Mom looked at supports that would be of benefit to her and her family.

She got involved with mommy and baby classes, which also aid in development, and gets Mom out of the house to meet other parents. Mom also has advocated for herself and her family and applied to Medicaid and Social Security to get financial support for her baby and family needs.

Mom and Dad have different occupational and physical therapy appointments nightly, but Mom says that HANDS has been an enormous support for her through the last year of her baby’s life and hates when she has to miss a visit.

Mom and Dad both work full time, but the family makes HANDS a priority because they believe so much in the program.