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Lots of activities, progress at child advocacy centers

January 27, 2016

There’s a lot of good and important news coming out of our Child Advocacy Centers in Kentucky and Indiana we’d like to share.

With installation of the iRecord digital video recording and management system complete, our new office in Jeffersonville, Ind., is now ready to begin providing forensic interviews. These are structure conversations with children to learn information about a possible event(s) the child may have experienced or witnessed (sexual or physical abuse, for example).

These conversations are helpful in the investigation and prosecution of child sexual abuse and help our family advocates and therapists tailor a course of care to help the child and his or her family work through the trauma. Previously, forensic interviews have been available at the Kosair Charities Child Advocacy Center (KCCAC) in Louisville and at the agency office on Grant Line Road in New Albany, but with the services expanded into Clark County, children there can be interviewed and helped close to home.

The KCCAC also will be conducting forensic interviews screening for any evidence or hint of human trafficking for children being held in Kentucky state custody who run away, with plans to conduct the interviews within two weeks of the child being located to protect timeliness.

Regarding human trafficking, the Louisville FBI office has given the KCCAC some human trafficking bags, containing toiletries, clothing, etc., to give to victims, and Becky League, director of the KCCAC has passed some along to be distributed at the Indiana CAC.

Additionally, three CAC staff will be participating in train the trainers training for human trafficking, deepening the knowledge and skillsets staff can provide to clients and share in trainings in the community on human trafficking..

Supplies are always in demand, and a generous donor provided a gift of Play-Doh that will last some time, and the Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists, which provided artwork for the walls of the KCCAC donated money for crayons, coloring pencils for the children, and stepstools for the bathrooms and water fountains.

Many exciting things happening, all to help children and families.