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To report abuse, please call 1.800.572.6200 (KY) or 1.800.800.5556 (IN).

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Leave no loophole in child abuse reporting laws

March 23, 2017

Under Kentucky Revised Statutes,  “any person who knows or has reasonable cause to believe that a child is dependent, neglected, or abused shall immediately cause an oral or written report to be made to a local law enforcement agency or the Department of Kentucky State Police; the cabinet or its designated representative; the Commonwealth’s attorney or the county attorney; by telephone or otherwise.”

That means that under Kentucky law, if you see or suspect neglect or abuse, you must report it. Without exception. And that’s the way we believe the law should be applied – without exception.

No person, no entity, no duly formed agency or body – no one should be excepted from the law.

Child abuse is a violent crime, with someone responsible and someone injured or broken. It isn’t fixed by a Band-Aid or alcohol swab. It has lifelong impact, for the injured child, his or her family and others that will come into and out of his or her life.

We must aim all our efforts at protecting children, first by preventing neglect and abuse, but second by ensuring any allegation of abuse is reported and that it is investigated thoroughly by appropriate authorities. If there is evidence of neglect or abuse, actions must be taken against the responsible party or parties, regardless of who they are, what entity they represent, or what station they hold in life.

The safety of the child comes first. Always.

Any law that leaves a loophole in child abuse reporting needs to be closed … immediately, permanently.