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Introducing the Ambassador Class of 2021

September 3, 2020

Please join us in welcoming the newest class of Family & Children’s Place Ambassadors! These talented young professionals represent a range of fields, including marketing, law, healthcare, human resources, and supply chain management. They’re passionate child advocates who will raise support for our mission over the coming year.

Let’s take a moment to get to know them, and then share this opportunity with an ambitious young professional you’d like to see apply! Applications open June 1, 2021 for the next class of Family & Children’s Place Ambassadors.

Liz Alpiger-Morris, Humana

“I have two young daughters of my own, and ever since becoming a mother, I’ve become passionate about providing children with the safety they deserve. I’ve also had loved ones – who are now successful, well-adjusted adults – who were abused as children. I was heartbroken to learn that some of the people I love most suffered from horrific abuse when they were children and were never given the support they needed to heal. Instead, they had to make that journey entirely on their own. I don’t want that to happen to any children in my community. I have immense respect for the “boots-on-the-ground” folks such as therapists, doctors, and police officers, who interact with abused children and witness it in their work every single day. I could never have the strength necessary to do that kind of work. I can, however, use my other skills – networking, promoting, strategy, etc. – to raise awareness and funds for Family & Children’s Place, which will help me feel like I’m making a difference, no matter how small it may be.”

Dianna Coker, PharmaCord

“In my last position, I was given a glimpse into the work Family & Children’s Place does in the community, and I found the notion of giving families the tools they need to be successful a simple and real solution to a real worldwide problem. Giving kids a chance to be their best possible self is why I am passionate about this. I am in a position where I have time to give back to the community right now and want to do what I can to help! I want to show my own family that there are ways to give to back to the community when it sometimes feels difficult or impossible. By giving them that glimpse, I hope they are able to come up with creative and helpful ways to build up their city. Support is necessary right now more than ever, while we settle into the new normal this pandemic has presented.”

Adrienne Gallus, SmileDirectClub

“I am beyond fortunate to have grown up with a loving family free of abuse. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be part of a happy and healthy family where they feel loved and cherished. All children deserve lifelong, loving friends and a supportive family. I am so thankful to those in my life who have given that to me. I strongly believe that by creating awareness and being proactive, child abuse can be prevented. I want to continue to do my part to contribute to this cause.”

Chelsey Garza, LeanCor Supply Chain Group

“I was first introduced to Family & Children’s Place in 2012 at the Champions for Children Breakfast, where Marilyn Van Derbur was the keynote speaker. She shared her experience of being sexually abused as a child and having to keep it in hiding for years. She also had everyone in the room that was comfortable stand if they had ever been sexually abused. Two people from my table of eight stood, which matched the statistic she gave of one in four people having been sexually abused. I’ve been following Family & Children’s Place since that time, and this feels like the right opportunity to step in and advocate for an organization that shares values I have of promoting a safer world for children, a safe haven for those that have experienced a lack of safety before, and resources to help families and adults move through the challenges and nuances of parenting. I’ve recently been looking for a way to combine my volunteering experience with my business experience and network to leverage my unique skills for an organization I believe in. My hope is that I can serve as an ambassador to help bring awareness in Louisville to the good work being done at Family & Children’s Place to help grow the network of impact and resources to further extend the mission.”

Laura Habein, Dentons Bingham Greenebaum

“I attribute my health and success over the years to my family support. I was blessed with a nuclear family and extended family that created a healthy environment where I felt loved, supported, and creatively stimulated. My sisters work with elementary school-age children as a fourth grade teacher and school counselor, respectively. From their work, I have learned how blessed my childhood was and how important a healthy and safe home environment is to the physical, mental, and emotional health and development of a child. When I moved to Louisville in 2017, one of the partners at my firm introduced me to Family & Children’s Place as she served on the board. I developed a deeper connection to the organization when I attended the Champions for Children Breakfast and heard from individuals and families who had been supported and transformed by this organization. I became a Family & Children’s Place Ambassador because I support the life-changing services they provide. I want to support these services more than just financially. I am committing my time and efforts to help prevent, stop and heal abuse and neglect.”