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Hope makes a great holiday gift

November 22, 2016

Black Friday is just days away, Friday, Nov. 25, one of the busiest shopping days in the United States This year, how about forgoing the harried hassle of pre-holiday traffic, finding a parking place and fighting over “hot buys,” and giving a child some help and hope instead?

black-fridayFamily & Children’s Place probably isn’t at the top of your to shop for list, but it should be. Does your father, mother, sister or brother really need a new sweater or tech toy? Probably not, but a child who’s been abused – physically, sexually or emotionally – needs hope and help far more than some gadget or gizmo.

Hope that someone is there to help him or her understand what happened and why and to cope with the trauma. Hope there are people and programs to aid recovery and healing, and hope to avoid the lifelong effects that afflict too many abused children– depression, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse, cardiovascular disease and more.

The help is you, with your gift, so this year, please give a gift that means something, that makes a difference. A gift to Family & Children’s Place actually can save a life and provide a hopeful future.

On Black Friday, save the gas and your nerves. Give to Family & Children’s Place and give a child the chance at joyous days yet to come.

Hope truly makes a great holiday gift!