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Homelessness won’t be in family’s future again

May 2, 2016

Kristina Brown and her four children were living in an emergency shelter when they began working with Quentin Childers in March of 2015. Ms. Brown had ended a relationship with the father of her children and he had moved out. Unable to pay the bills, she eventually was evicted.

Ms. Brown worked at Walmart before becoming homeless, and despite the challenges of childcare and transportation, had maintained full-time employment. Quentin worked with Ms. Brown to save money to buy a car, and Ms. Brown saved every month and earned a promotion, to supervisor, making $50,000 a year.

Though Ms. Brown’s progress was significant, Quentin was still concerned about her ability to afford housing on her own, so he connected Ms. Brown to the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Unfortunately, her credit disqualified her, so Quentin connected Ms. Brown to the Fuller Center to apply for housing assistance with that organization. He didn’t stop there, though.

Quentin also put in an application with the new Move Up program through the Louisville Metro Housing Authority and Coalition for the Homeless. The program allows those in housing programs connected to the Continuum of Care and Coalition for the Homeless to apply for Section 8. If approved, they receive a voucher without having to sit on the waiting list.

This opens up new spots in housing programs with case management for other people and families experiencing homelessness. With this, Ms. Brown may not be able to afford housing on her own when she graduates from the Rapid Rehousing program, but her family will not be homeless again.