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Help mom give her baby a warm and happy Christmas this year

November 14, 2016

Imagine moving from your home country, Ecuador, for example, to the United States and trying to build a life and a safe and healthy home for your three-year-old baby. Such is the case for one of the families in our Brighter Holidays program – an annual effort to ensure that children and families we serve have the chance for a Merry Christmas.

brighterholidaysborderElena is a single mother from Ecuador. She doesn’t have a support system here, struggles to make ends meet and to find and afford adequate childcare. She has difficulty with English – she speaks a dialect that isn’t as clear as Spanish. Her caseworker says she tries hard, because she wants the best for her baby, and is a loving and caring mom.  But she’s just not able to make Christmas happen this year.

Her son, Eduardo, is a happy, loving child, but winter is coming and mom wants to be sure he stays warm. Eduardo needs warm clothes, rompers, blankets, jackets, hats, gloves, socks and shoes.

Be the bright light in a child’s Christmas. Email or call volunteer coordinator Shannon McRae at, or 502-235-1511, for information or to sponsor a child.