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Happy National Philanthropy Day

November 15, 2017

Today, Nov. 15, is National Philanthropy Day, so we take this opportunity to thank the many individuals, companies, organizations, foundations, community service organizations and governments who support our work to help and heal children and families from trauma from abuse.

But we use it, too, to share that the work is not yet done. In fact, it’s far from done, so your support – and the support of countless others – still is needed.

Consider that Kentucky had nearly 19,000 child abuse cases in the most recent reporting year. That’s 19 cases for every 1,000 children, double the national average. Indiana reported 17 child abuse cases for every 1,000 children. We must do better.

The word philanthropy comes from Latin and Greek philanthropiawhich gives us kindliness, humanity and love to mankind. Philo (tending to, fond of) joins antropos, meaning mankind or human beings.  And philanthropy and charity aren’t the same thing.

Charity relieves (temporarily, typically) pains of social problems such as abuse, poverty, homelessness, etc. But philanthropy addresses the issues at their root causes, seeking to provide permanent solution, for example, preventing and ending child abuse vs. treating it after the fact.

And National Philanthropy Day is more than a gimmick. It’s a time to recognize the change that philanthropy has brought to the world, but also to remind people that change must be ongoing and, in some cases sadly, everlasting.

At its heart, philanthropy is a grassroots movement. It includes the full range of giving – time, talent and treasure. Volunteering, serving on boards or sharing your knowledge and expertise with an organization close to your heart. Helping plan and attending events to benefit causes you care about, and personal giving – donating money, property, stocks, goods, etc., to help fulfill the mission and vision.

It’s also aspirational and inspirational. Aspirational in that it helps create outcomes and change that accomplish objectives and goals, and inspirational in that your philanthropy inspires others to learn more, to get involved, to give.

So on this National Philanthropy Day, thank you for all you do and will do. Together, we are and will continue to change the world.