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HANDS graduates have plenty to be thankful for

April 22, 2015

On Tuesday, April 21, a number of children and their families graduated the Family & Children’s Place HANDS program. The program can last two years and matched first-time parents with an agency associate who shared tools and techniques the family could use before and after their child’s birth to help manage stress and demands, and activities and resources to ensure the baby’s healthy and happy development.

The event celebrated the child and family’s success and provided the opportunity for a family photo and presentation of a diploma – a true graduation. Families were asked to share their thoughts and feelings about the program. Following are a few of their comments:

“I really enjoyed the HANDS program. Our caseworker was very kind and fun to work with. I learned a lot of things being in this program.”

“This is an awesome program. You all do a great job!”

“This program helped me a lot. Thank you very much.”

“Our family enjoyed the HANDS program very much. The HANDS program associate was very helpful. As first-time parents, we found the guidance very helpful. We are confident the experience we had will help us and our son a lot. Thank you so much.”

To the HANDS program associate: “We will miss you dearly. You were a part of our lives and so much more. I will never forget things you taught us. You have made a huge difference in our lives and I wish we could do this forever. You all have great times ahead of you. Please never forget us. We are forever grateful for you all.”

To HANDS program associates: “You both have been a wonderful part of our lives. Thank you so much for teaching us about the development of our children. Thank you for also helping us with idea’s to adopt with our son’s stroke. We will miss you.”

Translated, Spanish to English: “Thanks for the program. We appreciate and we learned because he taught us a lot. It was a treat and pleasure. Thanks.”

It takes more than a village to raise a child. It takes a village to help parents raise a child, and Family & Children’s Place is proud to be a part of that village.