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HANDS families share their appreciation

June 5, 2018

While we see every day the amazing talents of the HANDS team – our voluntary in-home visitation team who help soon to be and new moms and dads raise their babies happy, healthy, and free of abuse, it’s always better to hear from the families they serve.

Following are some recent words of praise shared with HANDS supervisors about the Family Support Workers who meet weekly with the families and their babies in their homes.

  • “This is an excellent program. I’m grateful for it and especially grateful for my home visitor, Chelsey. She has helped me so much each day. God bless her always.”
  • “Silvia was fabulous; knowledgeable and a true friend and educator to our family. She was great through my pregnancy and our daughter loved her.”
  • “More crafts and activities for toddlers. I love how Emari and Chelsey handle the visits. They are really friendly and understanding.”
  • “Keep caring for children, homes and families.”
  • “HANDS program is perfect.”
  • “Everything is up to standards.”
  • “We absolutely love Maranda. Give her a raise or two because she works hard and you can tell she truly enjoys her job.”
  • “Barbara has helped me a lot in my abilities and knowledge to be a better parent each day.”
  • “She has been a great support for my family and a great, special teacher.”
  • “Thank you, Bri, for talking with me and she cares!”
  • “I really like the two people that has helped me.”
  • “We love Marlee! We will miss her when our time is up when Arianna is 2. Hope we can continue.”
  • “Maranda is very helpful. I am happy that we work together to strengthen my parenting skills.”
  • “Maranda helps calm my fears of being a new mom. She always listens and answers all of my questions.”
  • “I am so thankful for Kennedy Richardson.”
  • “She is a great worker.”
  • “She’s nice and I love spending time with her.”
  • “I love her. She is awesome!”
  • “I love her.”
  • “She is super amazing.”
  • “Very kind, helpful, resourceful.”
  • “Ashley is good.”
  • “My family support worker is just wonderful. You need to hire more people like her.”
  • “She is really awesome.”
  • “She is amazing and deserves a raise.”
  • “My family support visitor Amanda is amazing.”
  • “She helps me resolve a lot of doubts and she was good support.”
  • “I will have to say these two ladies are very kind and resourceful.”
  • “Tiffany is great.”
  • “I would love to keep my visitor for a long time.”
  • “I got many great resources to help support our family and we made lots of goals that we
  • Accomplished, and helped my daughter grow and many different ways.”
  • “I enjoy my time each visit and learn so much about parenting.”
  • “She is really nice and very helpful and supportive.”
  • “I love the visits; it’s always helpful and I learn a lot every time. I have two children and a lot has changed. This program helps to keep you up to date on a lot if not everything that has changed.”