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HANDS families share praises for their program partners

December 6, 2016

Families participating in our HANDS program are quick to share their praise of the program and of their  Family Support Workers. Here are some comments from the most recent survey of families about their experiences:

“I really enjoyed the HANDS program. Our caseworker was very kind and fun to work with. I learned a lot of things being in this program.”

“Our family enjoyed the HANDS program very much. The HANDS program associate was very helpful. As first parents, we found the guidance very helpful. We are confident that the experience we shared will help us and our son. Thank you, so much!”

circle-blue-hands-001To our HANDS associate:
“We will miss you dearly. You were a part of our lives and so much more. I will never forget the things that you taught us. You have made a huge difference in our lives. Wish we could do this forever. You all have great times ahead of you. Please never forget us. We are forever grateful to you all.”

To our HANDS associates:
“You both have been a wonderful part of our lives. Thank you so much for teaching us about the development of our children. Thank you for also helping us with idea’s to adapt with Isaac’s stroke. We’ll miss you.”

“I am thankful for all you do with my son. I will remember you.”

“I enjoyed every morning you came over to see us. We will miss our visits. Thank you.”

“Thank you for everything. We are going to miss the every week visits.’

“Thanks for everything. We really do appreciate it.”

“Thanks for everything. We love and enjoy this program. We are very sad it ended so soon. We miss you. We love you.”

“Thank you for all you’ve done for us. We appreciate you.”

“Thank you, HANDS program, for everything you guys did for me and my family.”

“Thank you for all the work you have given us for two years.”

“Thanks for looking out for my little child. I am so proud of this program.”

“This has been great for me and my baby. I would not have made it without you. Thanks!”

“It has been such a joy going through this process. You have taught me s much. You were always there when I was worried about him crawling. You helped me become a better parent. I am forever grateful.”

“We enjoyed our time and I learned a lot. We had the best workers.”

“We will miss you dearly. Thanks for being so awesome.”

“Thanks for all the education you gave me and my son during these two and a half years. This was an awesome experience. You will be missed.”

“Thank you very much for your help and watching our son grow from birth to two years. You are truly awesome.”

“Good teacher. Great support. Good source to find resources. Kids learn a lot from the teacher through the HANDS program. Lots of thanks.”

“Thank you so much for all the help and advice on our journey together.”

We think the world of our HANDS team. Nice to know the families feel the same way!