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HANDS ‘elves’ help families celebrate holidays

December 8, 2016


HANDS program “elves” were busy Tuesday night as the Family & Children’s Place parental support program hosted children and families to a Christmas party. In all, 347 people from 90 families enjoyed the festive evening, sponsored by WellCare.

The party included a meal, various holiday crafts, cookie decorating and pictures with Santa Claus. Families came early and had such a good time that they stayed late, too!

Special thanks to Maranda Pressley’s father, Steven Darnell, for being such a great Santa for all the children, and for staying late to make sure all the children got their pictures taken with Santa Claus. Thanks also to Therese Baker’s family – her mom, sister and aunt – who spent hours cooking the food, which was wonderfully delicious!

Thanks to Tiffany Williams, her mom, Vickie Whitt, and the Salvation Army Portland Corps, as well, for donating the venue and toys for all the children. Tiffany Williams, Therese Baker, Shana Sherard, Alex Torres, Carmen Buffington and Chelsey McKinley planned the special party for the children and families.

WellCare, in addition to providing food, drink, decorations and giveaways, had a representative at the event to talk with families about health care coverage. John Rivers and Epic Insurance volunteered during set-up and donated 16 diaper bags that will be distributed to families in the program not at the party.

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