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Graduation reflects Dakota’s successful path

May 24, 2016

Dakota, a senior in high school who will graduate soon, went through the Family & Children’s Place after-school program (Family & Student Services, FSS), between fifth and eighth grade. However, following graduation from the program, he came back to volunteer and help students facing similar issue to those that confronted him.

Dakota comes from a large family, and his siblings have all been in the program as well.  Dakota struggled with his parents’ divorce, and a house fire, which led the family to move frequently throughout his middle school years.

As the eldest child, Dakota helped care for his younger siblings, and he struggled with social issues.

Throughout the FSS program, staff provided him tools and resources he needed to be successful. Today, his family still reaches out to ask for advice and services, invitations to events and to share updates. His mom called recently to invite staff to his graduation knowing that seats are limited and that they have a large family!