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Going above and beyond to help a family

September 23, 2015

At Family & Children’s Place, helping children and families often goes beyond traditional programs and services. Consider the case of a Southern Indiana family living in a very challenging home environment (one of the worst our Indiana director of Child & Family Services, John Taylor, reports ever seeing in 15 years of casework).

JTaylorAgency staff discovered the family needed appliances, a stove or microwave, a way to cook and feed the family. Kentucky and Indiana employees of the agency found and donated a stove and a microwave, and are looking for a dryer. These are not a part of the usual packet of services provided to children and families, but it’s not at all unusual for staff to go far above and beyond their normal duties to help out a client or client families.

Employees have also located a refrigerator and some other items, in case the family needs or asks for additional help. Staff is respectful of the family’s need to be as self-sufficient as possible, so is working from the background, seeking out and providing only the items the family requests.

“It’s so wonderful to see staff who are not even involved with this family doing so much and offering so much to this family’s needs,” said Taylor. “No questions are asked, no recognition is requested.

“These are just great people with huge hearts going out of their way to make someone else’s lives more manageable. What a wonderful group of people we have at Family & Children’s Place, and it is a joy to be surrounded by them daily.”