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Give for Good Louisville – Recap

September 29, 2021

We set a lofty goal of $40,000 for this year’s Give for Good Louisville and thanks to the generosity of this great community, we were able to raise $22,962.05! Although that wasn’t our goal, it was still $7,500 more than last year!

We are so grateful to everyone who donated or shared our content and mission with the community. You are the reason we are able to serve children and families and provide enjoyable, far-reaching programs.

Thank you. Thank you for being a voice for children. Thank you for not looking away from those in need. And thank you for helping us remind the country how incredibly generous our community is.

If you did not get the chance to participate, there is still time to make a donation!

Thank you to all of our Give for Good Donors:

Augusta Brown Holland & Gill Holland, Jr.
Taylor McDowell
Tachau Woodcock Family Fund
Barry S. Queenan
Angela R Wilson
Fred Cowan
Robert Campbell
Shelby Allen
Kristen Millwood
Susan Mitchell
Bethany Planton
Georgea Ward
Gary and Jeanne Luhr
Jenny Dobbins
Katie B
Harriet Lair and Barry Younkie
Rosella Rudd
Priscilla Tillett
Kelli O’Shea
Saundra Mattingly
Karen Egerer
Tiffany Melgar
Whitney and Jackie Roberts
William V Faris
Audra Rankin
Greg Smith
K. Norman Berry Associates Architects
Alison and Bill Stemler
Lynn Wilkinson
Tammy & Vance Walker
Chris and Diane Thomas
Debra Peffer
Kit Tossmann
The Spaw Family
Elizabeth Ferguson
Jessica Schellenberger Pfaffenberger
39 Anonymous Donors