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Drop a dime to help abused kids recover

June 26, 2015

11035585_412506535620363_4070010725651800977_nFamily & Children’s Place is thrilled to be one of three nonprofits in Lucky’s Market “Bags for Change” program, and to go head to head to compete for dimes that will add up to dollars to support our fight to free Louisville area children and families from abuse forever.

Starting June 28 and running through Sept. 26, Lucky’s Market shoppers who bring in reusable bags can take a dime off their bill or donate a dime to a nonprofit of their choosing – preferably us!

Lucky’s uses a wooden dime to represent the 10-cent donation, and we encourage shoppers to drop the “coin” in the Family & Children’s Place bin. The dimes will add up during the quarter-long contest and, at the end, Lucky’s Market will DOUBLE the donation – doubling the help and hope we can give child victims of violence, abuse and neglect and their families.

The contest is part of Lucky’s Market Impact Program, which is dedicated to improving the quality of life in communities it serves, with an emphasis on youth and education, healthy communities and resilience.

As a small- to medium-sized child-services agency in Louisville, funds raised through efforts such as Bags for Change complement our community based and government funding and are critical to continuing to be able to deliver comprehensive, best in class treatment and services to child victims of abuse, violence and neglect and their families.

So the opportunity to have the sum of all dimes donated doubled is even more exciting and will enable us to help even more children and families.

Funds such as these support so many areas, including providing a mental health and physical examination, along with a forensic interview for children who have been sexually abused, as well as healing therapy to help them recover from the trauma. Or helping children who have witnessed or experienced domestic violence navigate the conflict and have the chance to be children again.

These funds will help provide safe harbor for children from violent families that have court-ordered visitation, to ensure their safety and to help build relationships in the hopes the family can be happy and healthy again. Or to give parents of new babies the resources and training they need to provide a rich and safe environment that contributes to the child’s healthy development, and help at-risk students overcome the risks and dangers of their neighborhoods to succeed in school and to develop social skills that will benefit them in life.

Shop at Lucky’s Market and drop a dime to help protect Louisville area kids and families.