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Data show Family & Children’s Place power of positive change

June 4, 2015

Data is a key driver for Family & Children’s Place. Every quarter (and annually), we record and review both quantitative (numeric) and qualitative (descriptive) information collected from each program and focus area.

That’s why we can report progress and outcomes such as 94 percent of families served by our Family Stabilization Program were helped out of immediate risk of homelessness, finding safe and stable housing. Or that through Family and School Services, 84 percent of children served improved their grades and 88 percent improved social skills and relationships.

But we measure impressions as well – of the children we work with, and their parents and caregivers – to understand how they feel about the agency’s programs and services. We survey them to better understand how and if they are being helped by services … are they getting what they need, want and desire? Do they see improvements in personal situations and circumstances?

We’re happy to report that surveys measuring how our client families feel about their experiences with Family & Children’s Place are overwhelmingly positive. The results are testament to the professionalism, passion and compassion of our staff and, frankly, to the children and families we work with who are determined to be happy and healthy again.

We collect data from children and from parents/caregivers to ensure the agency is surveying sentiment across its continuum of care. The satisfaction data is analyzed and measured across a scale from one to five, with five being very satisfied – or positive.

Among recent results:

In Family Stabilization, which helps keeps families out of the homeless shelter system, helps families locate housing or remain in their homes, and ensures families do not face the risk of homelessness again:

  • Are clients happy with the help/support received from their case manager – 4.93 out of 5
  • Is the case manager respectful – 4.89 out of 5
  • Do the goals meet the client’s needs – 4.89 out of 5

In Child and Family Services, which provides individual, family, group and school-based counseling for children and family members who have experienced trauma:

  • Are clients satisfied with services overall – 4.85 out of 5
  • Confidentiality was appropriate – 4.95 out of 5
  • The problem/situation has improved – 4.66 out of 5
  • Do the goals meet the clients’ needs – 4.88 out of 5

In Family and Services, which provides children the foundation they need to succeed in school by developing skills necessary for a positive school experience, including social, academic, physical and emotional development:

From students:

  • Does staff treat the client with respect – 4.45 out of 5
  • Does staff help the student learn in ways that are best for him/her – 4.10 out of 5
  • Is the student learning new things in the program – 4.45 out of 5
  • Does the program activity help improve reading skills – 4.0 out of 5
  • Does the program activity help improve math skills – 4.2 out of 5
  • Does the client have a say about what they do in the program – 4.45 out of 5

From parents:

  • Has the program helped the child socially or academically – 4.95 out of 5
  • Has the program been good for the family – 4.86 out of 5
  • Working with the program has been smooth, efficient – 5 out of 5
  • Services promote collaboration between families, youth and schools – 4.86 out of 5

Naturally, we are very proud of these results, but more than that, we are delighted that what we do provides powerful and positive outcomes for children and their families who have suffered and endured abuse, violence and neglect. We are pleased, too, that there is statistical evidence – proof – of the improvements, the recovery, the healing.

Every year, Family & Children’s Place is evaluated by local, state and federal funding agencies, along with Metro United Way, private and family foundations and individual givers to ensure not only that we provide quality services, but also that we use donated and provided funds with maximum effectiveness.

We believe the results speak for themselves and hope you do as well.