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Congratulations, HANDS graduates!

April 26, 2016


Graduation is always a happy time, but when families participating in the HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Development Services) program graduate, it’s a guaranteed great time with plenty of food, fun, smiles, laughter and celebrations.

HANDS is one of six core programs for Family & Children’s Place that provides new parents free in-home visitation by a skilled mentor who teaches them  parenting and behavioral skills, and techniques and activities that stimulate development to give their baby the best start possible in life.

Recently, 22 children and their families graduated and nine children, along with 34 family members, enjoyed a party featuring certificates and mortarboards, but so much more. There were crafts where the children decorated their own graduation caps, created a memory page color a picture for their new sippy cups and decorated a frame to hold their graduation picture.

WellCare sponsored the party, which included pizza, chips, fruit and cake, and HANDS staff, including Megan Miller, Tobiah Willis, Emily Moran and Alex Torres, organized and planned the party.  Other HANDS team members helped set up and manage the event and then clean up afterward.

In addition to the crafts, children received backpacks with age appropriate books, craft materials, play items and a dental kit for good oral hygiene.

Congratulations to the new graduates and their families, and thanks to the HANDS team for making such a powerful and positive difference in the lives of young families.

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