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CLASP students enjoy dinner and a show

March 20, 2018

Sunday best and selfies highlight an afternoon of fun and friendship

On a recent Sunday, CLASP (Collaborative Learning After School Program) staff Bobby Cortes and Ashley Friedrich, along with Artrice Temple, youth service center coordinator at Meyzeek Middle School, joined 28 students out for a night on the town!

The students arrived in their “Sunday Best,” ready for a night to remember. After countless pictures and exchanged compliments of how “fresh” they looked, students and staff boarded a bus and took off for 4th Street Live! Photo shoots continued while they waited for tables at TGI Friday’s.

After filling their bellies, the group set off for the Kentucky Center for the Arts for the main event – the production of “School of Rock, the Musical.”

Students were amazed by the performance and said they couldn’t believe how good the kids in the play were at their instruments! CLASP students even received their own compliments from some neighboring spectators. “Your students look so nice!” “They are incredibly polite and respectful!” Just to name a few.

For staff it was amazing to be able to present this opportunity to some of their students. To see their faces light up and experience something new in their own backyards was something staff says they never will forget.

“Days like Sunday keep us going!” said Bobby.