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Child abuse, neglect don’t respect the calendar

May 1, 2017

April – Child Abuse Prevention Month – is over. Time to move on to the next national recognition, such as Cinco de Mayo, or Mother’s Day, or Memorial Day. But let’s be clear: child abuse and neglect don’t respect the calendar.

April may be the time we aim a light at child abuse, plant pinwheels to honor injured children, and rally people to take personal action through giving or volunteering, but there’s no 30-day timeout or freeze on abuse. Nationally, year-round, five children die daily from abuse and neglect – preventable causes.

So it’s up to us – each of us – to stand up for children, to be their voice, to fulfill our most important responsibility to protect them, to give them safe childhoods so that they may live happy, healthy futures.

At Family & Children’s Place, we won’t quit until no child suffers abuse. Join us.