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Celebrating our superior social workers

March 7, 2016

Since March is National Social Worker Month, we take this opportunity to thank and to appreciate our corps of caring and committed social workers.

bannerThis year’s theme is Forging Solutions Out of Challenges, and Family & Children’s Place social workers live that theme every day, helping clients through troubled times to live happier lives and reach their full potential.

Today, there are more than 600,000 people employed in the field, tackling some of the toughest challenges facing society. In every city and community, these professionals develop solutions to make mental health and health care more available, reduce poverty, eliminate injustice and discrimination, and protect vulnerable children and adults from harm.

Social workers such as those on our staff contribute at all levels of society, working with individuals, families, schools, universities, non-profit agencies, corporations, hospitals, and government offices to mediate conflict, foster positive relationships and create hope and opportunity for people in need.

Many thanks to our family of social workers, from supporters, the board, other staff and clients. We appreciate all you do.