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Brightest gift of all

July 7, 2015

A Family & Children’s Place staffer’s story: In life, I think we all try to choose a career that will feed us emotionally and physically. I have found working at Family & Children’s place to be that career. As an administrative assistant for the agency, I often have the first and last contact with the children and families enduring trauma in their lives. I consider it a gift to be able to lend a smile, or to be the support for therapists’ who have had a long day. Most every day provides success stories, as I watch families in distress begin to relax, share a hopeful thought and state the change they see in themselves or their children. One story comes to mind, a family broken by grief. I watched a young child run to (his/her) mother, and say, “Guess what? I shared my feelings today, and now I don’t feel afraid anymore. I can do this! I am strong, I know because Miss Blanchard (not her real name) told me so.” Seeing the shining tears in the mother’s eyes and the hope of a new beginning, it is the little breakthrough that welcomes the big. I get to watch the gentle care our therapists’ provide and give every day. They each give their all to each and every child and family, as if it were their first appointment of the day. That is the brightest gift of all – sharing, caring for each other, for in the end, that is all that matters. So is this a great career? You betcha!