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Brighter Holidays gifts bring smiles to Burmese family

January 26, 2017

Megan Miller, who works with our HANDS team, shared a story about and a thank you for one of her families that participated in our Brighter Holidays program. In Megan’s word:

“Cian San’s mom wanted to say thank you so much for all of the awesome things you got for him!  This family is Burmese and they are very serious people.  I don’t often see them crack a smile, but today, they were overjoyed with excitement when opening your gifts!

 “I don’t think she could contain her excitement to wait for Christmas to open them.  She shared on a previous visit that they didn’t get gifts in Burma when she was growing up because they didn’t have the money.  She also said they didn’t have any resources there like they have here for holiday support, so she was really thankful for the help she gets here.  

“Dad works full time but it’s barely enough to meet basic needs for the family. 

“The baby was asleep throughout most of our visit today, but he woke up at the end and the first thing the mom did was run over to the tricycle and put him on it!  

“With her permission, I wanted to share a picture with you.  That’s my interpreter in the background.  

“The mom also loved all of the clothes you got for him.  She immediately tried on the striped jacket and striped hat, which fit perfectly, and the baby wore it the rest of the visit.  I wish I had a picture of that too!  

“You really made this family’s holiday.  Thank you!”