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Alexis, case manager partner for success

January 25, 2016

FSPAlexis is a single mom with two children, both boys. The family has been in the Shelter Plus Care program, which provides rental assistance for homeless people with disabilities, since 2011. Alexis qualifies because she has several diagnosed disabilities both physical and emotional.

She was injured in a car accident several years ago, leaving her with muscular/skeletal injuries that have required surgery and therapy and may require more, but she has continued to work, despite pain and being unable to do all the required tasks of her job in the hospitality/restaurant sector.

She has been able to do this by seeking out employers willing to accommodate her limitations.  She also has filed for disability, but her application is working through the system.

She set as one of her goals securing a Section 8 subsidy so she could eventually port it out of state to rejoin extended family who have custody of her other children. This likely will come through in the next several weeks.

Alexis’ case manager has worked with her through the process, providing emotional support and connecting her to community resources. She also has helped Alexis with her disability and Section 8 applications. Together, they have developed strategies to help Alexis manage her multiple disabilities so she could secure and maintain employment.

Alexis lost everything when she became homeless, but her case manager has helped her rebuild her life and get on the path to self-sufficiency. Family Stabilization Program staff expects Alexis to graduate from the program this year, opening up a case management slot for another homeless family that needs help creating its own plan for success.