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After-school program gives William much needed foundation

May 19, 2016

William was a student at Meyzeek Middle School in the historically African-American Smoketown community near downtown Louisville. The neighborhood, according to FBI reports, is the 14th most dangerous in the United States.

William has special needs and resisted Family & School Services programs and help by acting out and refusing to participate.  He also had difficulty making and keeping friends as well as in his academic studies.

At the same time, William faced a significant challenge – his father was transitioning from male to female throughout his middle school years.  This was a difficult experience for him and one faced by few middle schoolers.

His father’s transition contributed to his parents divorcing, and today, three years of FSS support and guidance, along with help from school and his family, William happily participates in and has the skills and tools to succeed in high school. He continues in structured programs because he understands the benefits.

William is in Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and excels in his high school because of the foundational support provided through the CLASP Program.

His family stays in contact with and participates in the monthly FASTWORKS program whenever possible. Family & Children’s Place FSS programs provide positive alternatives to many of the negative issues at-risk students face every day. Young boys and girls have the chance to participate in highly structured enrichment activities that help them develop positive values, social competencies and positive identities, which contributes to success in school and in life.