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A little respect goes a long way

October 29, 2015

A family came in today for a forensic interview at the New Albany office of Family & Children’s Place.  Our administrative staff quickly realized the parents were upset and had some questions. They came to the team to see if someone could speak with the parents.

In many instances a family advocate can handle this, but often, due to other circumstances, one may not be available to do so. Such was the case today, so a therapist and supervisor quickly talked and decided the supervisor would speak with the parents.

In talking to the parents and answering their questions about the process and validating their experiences and concerns, the family quickly moved from potentially hostile to being very understanding and feeling respected – happy that someone took the time to speak with them.

We forget sometimes, due to the work we do day in and day out, how difficult some of the processes related to trauma and abuse are to families.  For the most part, when we take the time to treat them as “guests” and answer their questions, families feel respected, understood and connected to us in a positive way.

That makes life and work easier, especially for the children and families who matter most.