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A boy who has suffered too much still shares love

September 8, 2016

John Taylor, director of our Indiana based Child & Family Services program, is working with an eight-year-old child whose young life has sadly been filled with incredible pain and heartache.

The boy has been in foster care for at least two years, and his mother was locked up for the third time for drug use and abuse. The boy’s older brother sexually abused him, and he has been neglected throughout his childhood. His father has had issues, too, but is working to get his life back together, with the hope that he and his young son can live together again as a family.

Following is a letter John helped the boy to write, a letter that John says, “almost brought me to tears.”

Dear Mommy,

How are you doing?  I really miss you and hope you are doing good.  I heard you were in jail and hope you get out soon.  School is going great and I am doing good with my grades.  I am still living at Millie and Bob’s (foster home), but Daddy got a new house. 

Mom!  You have got to watch the “Secret Life of Pets!”  I went and saw it and it was really good.  I got to take a picture with Daddy at the movie theater!  It was fun and it is a really good picture of us. 

So!  I need to go and I hope I can see you again soon.  When I see you, I will show you the picture. 

I love you! 



PS … I love you Mommy!

What an amazing and powerful story. And what an amazing and resilient young boy.

Stories such as this happen every day at Family & Children’s Place, and children and families are having their lives saved and changed for the better every day by caring and committed professionals like John Taylor. We cannot praise – or thank – him or his colleagues enough.